Tesla will be in India says Elon Musk.

Tesla will be in India says Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk is planning to take Tesla Inc to India. He has expressed his desire in his latest tweet “Would love to be there this year. If not, definitely next!”

The Indian government is trying to bring Tesla Inc factory in India. However, it was not possible for the electric car maker due to government regulations. Musk has also tweeted about this in 2018 “some challenging government regulations” as a hurdle.

Notably, India is the world’s fourth largest and growing automobile market. With only 6000 electric vehicles on the road, India is the most prominent market in the world.

Latest Tesla Model

Tesla SUV ‘Model Y’

Tesla has launched a new electric SUV “Model Y”; the expected price is  $39000. It is the least expensive car by Tesla Inc. It offers an optional seating capacity of 7 passengers, and it can go 0 to 96kmph in 3.5 seconds. It is expected that Model Y will help Tesla in global expansion.

‘Model Y long range’ will also debut shortly with a price range of $47000 and it can travel up to 482km in a single charge. It achieves 0 to 96 kmph in 5.5 seconds with top speed of 209 km.

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