Kerala – 6 year old diagnosed with West Nile Virus

West Nile Fever

A 6-year-old Kerala boy diagnosed with a rare West Nile fever.  He was treated in Kozhikode Medical college hospital.

Muhammad Shan, a Six-year-old boy from Kerala’s Malappuram district, died fighting the rare fever West Nile Virus. It is a first such a case of the state. After he was tested positive, he was taking treatment from the past week in Kozhikode Medical college hospital.

Kerala Health Minister KK Shylaja said there is no need to panic; the situation was under control as a special medical team has been sent to Malappuram. A boy was kept in isolation for past 10days, and we are going by the protocol of the world health organization.

What is West Nile Fever?

West Nile Fever is a viral fever caused by mosquito bite. It is spread by the West Nile Virus (WNV) infected mosquitoes. In 80% of cases, infected people do not develop any systems while 20% of people develop fever, headache or vomiting.

Mosquitoes generally get infections when they feed infected birds and then it transferred to humans by mosquito bites. West Nile Fever is commonly found in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States. Thousands of cases occurred in the United States in August and September.


An easiest and effective way is to avoid mosquito bites. Use mosquito repellant, keep your home clean and wear full sleeves clothes.

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