Whatsapp Update: check how many times the message is forwarded?

Whatsapp Update

In yet another move to stop fake news, Facebook owned instant messaging service Whatsapp is coming up with a new feature for a forwarded message.

A new feature will allow the user to check how many times a message is forwarded. There will be two new options which are “Forwarding Info,” and “Frequently Forwarded.”

Forwarding info

It will allow users to know how many times a single message is forwarded. You can only access this info once you forward the message. A user needs to long press on the sent message and click on message info section on the top. It will let you know the actual count of the forwarded message. This feature will help to identify fake news and fake viral messages.

Frequently forwarded

It is yet another feature to fight against fake news. When any particular message is shared more than four times by any user, it will get a tag of frequently forwarded.
It simply means a receiver will get a message with the labeled “frequently forwarded.” Moreover forwarding info is not available when any message gets a tag of frequently forwarded.
It might be possible that WhatsApp will roll out a new feature in the upcoming update.

Other Update

Whatsapp is also working on a reverse image search option within the app. it will allow the user to search the image on the internet about its authenticity. This feature is similar to Google reverse image search.

Whatsapp Business app for IOS

Whatsapp Business was launched last year for the android users; now it is available for Apple IOS device. The User can download free from IOS store across all device.

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