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Walmart Inc has changed its associate portal from to Earlier it was known as Walmart Wire, but now it is known as Onewalmart. Employees can check their online paystub, paid time off, leave of absence, my discount, weak off, and other details from the newly improved portal.


The user has to log in on the Onewalmart to check all these updates. Associates can also check the latest social media updates, news, and announcement from the website.

It is a one-stop solution for 2.2 million employees worldwide. If you are one of them, then it is the most important portal for you over the internet.

Registered users can access the walmartone associate portal from anywhere in the world. Users can connect to the portal with an internet-connected device.

A user might face a problem if he has not completed two-step verification.

One Walmart Login – Associate, ASDA, Former 

The employee Login process is more or less the same, although the website is moved from One wire is to One Walmart. However, the company has changed the portal for former associates; they can still access their old paystub, W-2 information, and other details.

United Kingdom employees can access details from the same portal .i.e.

Walmart paystub portal login.

Employees can access the One wire website from anywhere in the world; all they need to do is, Open from a mobile or computer.

Walmart the one wire

If you are not aware of the drill, then check the steps below. 

  • Open on your computer or smartphone
  • click on log in, you will find it on the top right corner, you will see a window, where you need to enter a user ID, password, country, and location.
  • Click on a sign, and it will redirect you to the dashboard.

Two-Step Verification 

2 Step verification is essential to get access to

2 SV is only possible at the Walmart computers (Wire). Open wmlink/2step for Walmart 2 factor authentications.

Once you complete the process, the user will get details of paystub, associate discount, benefits, and other information.

Note: a user has to be present at the store to complete verification.

you will get access to the GTA portal, Online paystub, Electronic time Adjustment (ETA), pathway portal, and other services as soon as you complete the verification process.

Former Walmart Employee paystub and W-2 Information 

Displaced Walmart Inc employees can download and print their online paystub from Walmart One the Wire. They can also download the W-2 form from this website.

the former associate sign-in process

Open and click on “Displaced Associate Click here.”

  • It will ask you to enter the user name and password
  • Click on enter, and it will take you to the dashboard.

you can download your last paystub and W-2 forms here. you can also contact the associate hotline for any help.

Walmart Associate Login Problems

It might be possible that you are not able to log in on the portal. There are various reasons behind it; it can be 2 step authentication or server problem or browser issue.


Check username and passwords

clear cache memory

update your browser

One Wire Feature

here is the list of tools that you can access from an improved one wire portal.

My Time

under the My Time tab, workers can check attendance, PTO, Leave of absence, and other details.

My Walmart Schedule

The schedule is an integral part of associates; it helps employees to check their next shift, paid time off, leave of absence, a week off, and other details.

My Sam’s Club Schedule

Sam’s Club associates can also login to the One wire to check their attendance and paystub. They have to enter their username and password to check their online schedule and other details.

My Money

An employee can check paystub, discount, and tax-related details from my money.

online paystub portal

An associate can download paystub sleep from the menu My Money. The user can download and print the current month or the previous month’s paystub sleep. Users can also get details from Paystub Hotline.


Why is not working?

Walmart Inc has moved its associate portal to another website it is now known as OneWire; associates can access it from

How and where do I get a 2-step verification for access to Walmart?

A worker has to be at Walmart store to complete 2 step verification. Open The Wire from WalMart computer and find 2SV on the dashboard. Once you complete the process, you can access Walmartone Wire from home.

Is there Walmart One wire App? 

There was an app “WM1” on play store and iTunes, which allows workers to check shifts, payments, and other details from a smartphone, but the WM1 app is not functional.

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