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Participate in Tall the Bell survey and get a chance to win Cash $500 in survey sweepstakes, participate in a survey from 

Successful entrepreneurs, business owners, or companies always pay attention to customer feedback. The crux of the whole engagement in business solely depends upon driving customers. The customer is the king and rightly so. The business owners are now aware that it is important to monitor customer tastes and preferences. 

Tell The Bell

It is the reason they have come out with online surveys and feedback. Customer satisfaction and feedback work as an effective tool for improving the business. Studies have shown that loyal and satisfied clients tend to buy products more often compared to other visitors.

They often help in building the base of the brand. Their recommendation is spread to cross their friends and family members. Also, the customer’s statistical data. The initial step towards starting a survey is to draft meaningful questions.

How TellTheBell Survey Can Help In Business Improvement?

It should be in sync with the taste and preferences of the customers. Tell The Bell is one of a kind tool that lets you create surveys online. It is a customer satisfaction survey designed for Taco Bell Restaurant. The primary motive behind this survey is to improve the quality of the services delivered by the restaurant.

Customers can buy it from the Taco Bell with a valid registration or TellTheBell Purchase receipt. If you find it difficult to do the procedure mentioned above, you can visit the official website that goes by the name

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Try to answer the simple questions keeping a tab on the overall experience during your visit to the Taco Bell Restaurant. Lucky customers will get a reward or a cash prize worth $500. You need to follow guidelines before jumping into the survey for participation. If you have any queries related to the same, then the website seems the best way to acquire guidance.

How will The Survey Help Taco Bell Restaurant?

  • Increase in Brand Awareness

One quality questionnaire can attract people to give honest feedback. Customer’s feedback are testimonials to specific information that includes both positive and negative aspects. If the feedback is positive, then it helps in enhancing the brand awareness of the product.

  • Update The Customers

With each regular quality survey, customers can find a way to have a conversation with the company. It helps in building a positive impression on the customers that the company values their feedback and suggestions.

  • Keep It Personal

Online surveys, in a way, can help the companies in establishing one to one interaction with their customers. No more you need to worry about passing the feedback. These online surveys will do the work for you.

Tell The Bell Survey Details

You need to go to the website and sign in to participate in the online survey. The winners will get a notification within one week of the drawing date. You can receive four prizes as the quantity in each entry period. The cash reward is about $500. Also, the entry limit is restricted to 1 person in each entry period. 

Also, there are certain rules you need to follow strictly-

  • The participant needs to be at least 18 years of age.
  • The entry is one entry period specific.
  • The participant needs to be aware of the basics of the Internet.
  • A valid Taco Bell receipt is a must to participate in the online survey.
  • A 16 digit survey code is mandatory.
  • The date and time of your last visit are also required for proper participation.

tell the bell

Step By Step Procedure For Participating In The Survey

  • You need to select and open your browser on the preferred digital device and start the bell survey.
  • Enter the Tell The Bell Survey on the official website
  • Enter the 16 Digit Taco Bell Survey Code that is important.
  • In case you don’t have the receipt, visit the website for other options.
  • Enter the Taco Bell Store Number correctly.
  • Enter the date/time of your last visit. 
  •  Try to answer the questions reflecting your experience, related to TellTheBell Customer Feedback
  • Click the button “Next.”
  • Rate the Overall Satisfaction and feedback with the restaurant
  • Select the Type of Order you last Made when you visited the restaurant.
  • Answer questions regarding the survey
  • And finally, Your Survey is completed.

To know who the winners are, keep visiting the official website or keep a tab on the notifications on your email id. 

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