Premier bank login

First Premier Bank is one of those bank communities which is widely known for giving financial assistance to different costumers, agricultural producers, various businesses, and organizations in the United States.

Premier bank login

It acts as a subsidiary of the United Corporation. The total asset value of the bank is 1.5 billion. In the United States, First Premier Bank is the 13th largest issuer of the MasterCard brand credit cards. First Premier bank is highly recommended and rated by most individuals. The headquarters of this bank is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the CEO is Dana. J Dykhouse.

You can log in to your online premier bank account and complete your financial transaction.

How to login?

  • Visit their official site
  • Click on the “Login ID” available on the top right of the page.
  • Now it would ask your login ID and password. 
  • Fill the blank space and click on the “ENTER” button. 

Recover Password

Most people tend to forget their passwords. So, in case you forgot your password. Follow these steps.

  • Revisit their official site.
  • Enter your details like Login ID and password.
  • If your entered password is wrong, then you’ll see “forget your password” on the base of the page. 
  • Click on that then provide your user ID and submit.
  • You would get an OTP for changing your password. By entering this security code, you can reset your password again. 
  • You’ll be notified through your email address that you’ve successfully changed your password. 

 How to Register

The above-listed steps are for those who have already enrolled. Now, for all those people who haven’t registered.

  • If you’re signing in for the very first time, then you have to follow a few steps for that. You can make any necessary changes through your premier bank account.
  • Go to their online site.
  • From the roll, the menu chooses your account type. 
  • Fill up the form cautiously and provide with all your personal details like- date of birth, account type, login ID, etc. 
  • Now you can use their services as you’ve enrolled. You can do internet banking without a hassle from your first Premier account. 

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 How can you make use of their services if you’ve recently enrolled? These are the benefits provided by the first premier bank. 

  • You can make payments instantly without a hassle.
  • Can quickly pay your bills through online mode.
  • Can have access to your e-statements.
  • After login, you can also check your transaction history.

There are both benefits and downsides to this Premier bank account.


  • Premier Bank account is known for providing an open line of credit to its customers.
  • If there is any case of bankruptcy or someone is about to get a divorce, then it would rebuild your credit once again.
  • Anyone can build up their credit rating here, starting from college students to older people. 
  • First Premier bank account follows simple procedures, unlike other high-end creditors. 
  • They increase their lines of credit for all those who use their credit cards for one year or more than one year. 
  • Now, we will look at the downside of this First Premier bank.


  • Well, First Premier Bank has received some harsh criticisms from certain independent review websites. They have stated the fact that the bank demands a high-interest rate on the first line of credit.
  • The bank would ask for $95 for the first time you get yourself enrolled.
  • You have to pay an annual fee of $75 to $175 and would charge you $45 to $49 to maintain your bank account. 
  • Again, you have to pay $6.95 for monthly maintenance.
  • If we sum this money, then that would make the right amount, and the customers won’t be able to make any payments, and they would have a little amount to make purchases. 
  • It has even received criticism from its customers as well. 
  • First Premier Bank has provided its customers with exceptional services. There are both benefits and drawbacks to being a customer of this bank. Well, it all depends on an individual how he or she perceives it. If you think that it would fulfill all your demands and you like their services then go for it.

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