Turtle Creek Recovery Center Dallas, TX

Turtle Creek Recovery Center was established to ensure everyone with addiction can gain access to the services, the support, and the medical experts that they need to heal.

Turtle Creek Recovery Center

The aim of the programs that this facility offers its patients is to help them recover from the addictions that might have ruined their lives – up to 80% of the patients who come to Turtle Creek Recovery Center are unemployed and homeless.

The idea of the treatments offered at the facility is to take these people by the hand and guide them through recovery, and then help put them on the right path in life.

Turtle Creek Recovery Center (“TCRC”) is the only residential and outpatient program in North Texas that is wholly dedicated to serving both men and women who have co-occurring disorders of severe mental illness and alcohol or drug addiction.


2707 Routh St,

Dallas, TX 75201,

United States

Phone: +1 214-871-2483


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