How do I buy Parler stock?

Parler is a social media app and it has taken the social media market by storm. It is the hottest app right now in the market and it is turning lots of eyeballs from the investors.


Can I buy stock in Parler?

So If you are thinking that this app will become the next Facebook and you want to be an early investor then there is a piece of bad news for you. The current stock price of Parler is $0 as it is not traded publically as it is a privately owned company, so there is no way that you can buy a stock of Parler App.

What is Parler App?

so many of us are not aware that why there is so much buzz about this app and why people are going gaga about this application.

In an Internet user’s words “Parler is a social media app designed to promote free speech and allow for honest, uncensored discourse among users.”

How do I buy Parler stock

It is similar to Twitter, if you know how to use Twitter then you don’t need to know much about Parler. Tweets are called “parleys,” and responses are called “echoes.”

The Parlor feed flows chronologically unlike Twitter’s algorithm-based one.

So those who are thinking to buy stock of Parler, have to wait for some more time as they are not public yet but there is a chance that they will go public. So wait for that time and till then enjoy the social media app.

Final conclusion 

By seeing the current popularity of the app, we are sure that the app will be going to make a big difference in the social media market. Every day so many users are registering on the site every day and to manage all these users companies will need funds. so there is a high chance that they will go public as it is the easiest way to get the funds from investors.  So wait for the time and why they go public, buy the stock and see it grow.

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