Why is it so hard to reverse lookup a phone number?

So you have already tried googling phone numbers and it seems you do not get success in it. Well, it is the story of every second person over the internet. It is very easy to lookup email addresses with Facebook, Google, or reverse email lookup but the phone number does not work that way.

Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

In an ideal situation, we think that we will enter the number and we will get the name and address of that person, but that does not work that way. Unfortunately, reverse phone number lookups remain one of the few kinds of online searches that it’s almost impossible to get for free.

Why is it so hard to reverse lookup a phone number

There is a very limited option when it comes to lookup either you pay for the service and check who owns the number or try some free method. Obliviously we don’t want to spend a big amount when we only wanted to search for one or two numbers.

Free Method


Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world. Every person on this earth owns a Facebook account to connect with friends and family, to share his happy moments with the world. Along with the photos and memories, they also share mobile numbers.

To enter the phone number on the Facebook search box and if that particular person is allowing others to see via mobile number then you can check his name and other details.


You might have tried this trick already and most of the time people don’t get success in it. So I am asking you to search in a different way. Put the number on Google and you will see various websites claiming that they have the name and number you want to see. Open the site and if they ask money to close it, there are some genuine sites that are providing details for free and you have to work to find such site. Bookmark the site when you find the right site, it will help you in your next search.

True caller

It is a free app, which notifies you when someone from an unknown number calls you on your mobile. It also gives you a free search option where you can put a number and if they have it in their database then you will get details.

They are also providing premium subscriptions where you can also search about who is searching for you and you can search for someone by name.


There are dozens of methods, some are working today, and maybe they will not work tomorrow. So try to figure out which trick works best for you when it comes to reverse phone lookup. Comment below, If you have any method which is working, we would love to share it with the world.

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