Three Lions From an Endangered Subspecies Died in Gujarat

Three lions from an endangered subspecies died after being run over by a freight train in a nature reserve in western India, a forest services official said Tuesday. The three animals that... Read more »

Bus Accident in Ecuador Leaves Four Dead and more than 30 Injured

The vehicle was overturned on the Princesa Toa road, in the Conocoto sector, with approximately 50 passengers. So far the causes of the accident are unknown. At least four people died and... Read more »

Air Quality Index show Delhi Citizens Breathe Toxic

Pollution levels in New Delhi, the most polluted capital in the world, soared Monday to the category of “emergency”, with records that double those that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers “toxic.”... Read more »

Central America and Mexico Agree Development Plan to Address Migration

“We will work on the creation of a fund, with the fundamental objective of implementing the comprehensive development plan that includes programs, projects and specific actions to generate jobs and combat poverty,”... Read more »

Air Quality In New Delhi Reduces Life Expectancy

Worldwide, the study estimates that air pollution reduces life expectancy of 1.8 years on average in 2016. This data places pollution as the main danger to human health, before tobacco (1.6 years),... Read more »