New India’s Tech Growth triggers Renewable Energy Industry to Increase by 2X

India is thirsty for energy. Its GDP grows more than 7% per year and its 1.2 billion inhabitants will be 250 million more in 2018 when it will become the most populated... Read more »

Himalayas to Lose One-third of Glaciers by 2100 due to Global Warming

Efforts to combat the effects of global warming are reflected in a series of commitments adopted in the 2015 Paris Agreements by almost 200 countries: the most ambitious is to keep the... Read more »

Protests in India After Women entered Hindu Temple Defying Centuries-Old Ban

On September 28 of last year, the Supreme Court of India ruled that forbidding women from entering the Hindu temple of Sabarimala was illegal and left the way open for them to... Read more »

Three Lions From an Endangered Subspecies Died in Gujarat

Three lions from an endangered subspecies died after being run over by a freight train in a nature reserve in western India, a forest services official said Tuesday. The three animals that... Read more »

NGO in Anantapur Saves 316 Girls from Child Marriages

Doreen Reddy (Madanapalle, India, 1950) remembers very well when as a child her mother dressed her in beautiful clothes but forced her to remain seated at the door of the house. At... Read more »