Air Quality Index show Delhi Citizens Breathe Toxic

Pollution levels in New Delhi, the most polluted capital in the world, soared Monday to the category of “emergency”, with records that double those that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers “toxic.”... Read more »

Air Quality In New Delhi Reduces Life Expectancy

Worldwide, the study estimates that air pollution reduces life expectancy of 1.8 years on average in 2016. This data places pollution as the main danger to human health, before tobacco (1.6 years),... Read more »

Ten Years After the Deadly Mumbai Terror Attack

India commemorated on Monday the tenth anniversary of the 2008 bombings in Mumbai, which left 166 dead, with ceremonies in places of the capital attacked by an Islamist commando. On November 26,... Read more »

One-year-old baby Survives After Falling Under the Moving Train

A month-old baby lies sandwiched between the tracks while a train passes over him in front of the agitation of those present on the platform of Mathura, in the State of Uttar... Read more »

First Elephants Specialised Hospital Opened in Mathura

The Indian holy city of Mathura in the State of Uttar Pradesh and close to the iconic Agra (where the Taj Mahal rises), has opened India’s first elephant hospital. The center hosts... Read more »