Walmart One call-in number

Walmart One call-in number is a hotline provided by the company to contact the human resource department. You can call this number to register your leave so that your attendance doesn’t show as No Show.

Walmart One call-in number

Sometimes we fall sick and unable to show up at work. In that case, if you don’t call out for sick leave, then your absence is registered as a call no-show. It will affect your report and your reputation. So it is better to call out for the Walmart One number and register your leave. 

You can call on 800-492-5678, it is the company’s official number and same you can find it on the official website. Make a call on this number and register your leave. You might need to tell them your employee id to register your leave of absence. 

There are other options available to register for your leave. Just call your local store and hit 5 or 0 to speak with an associate and then ask to speak to an assistant store manager, co-manager, or personnel associate for a call out. Either of them can make sure your absence is reported and not a no-call no-show.

How to register for your leave?

The process is pretty much simple; you can follow these steps and register your leave. 

  • Find your Walmart Identification Number
  • Get the Walmart Tardy/Absence number from HR. 
  • Call the number 800-492-5678
  • You need to enter your WIN, 
  • You will be asked for your birth-date
  • And store number

You will be asked if this is an “absence,” or a “tardy,” then you will be given a series of options for your “absence/tardy” call. Once it is approved, you will get a number that you need to write it down. It is not necessary, but it might help you in the future.

And as the last process, they will connect you to your store to tell them about your unavailability. 

Through the app WM1

If you are using the latest app, WM1, you can use it for call-in or tardy directly.

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